Stamps and Music

   Ireland 14.8.2009

Frédéric Chopin (*22.2.1810 / + 17.10.1849)
The portrait used on the stamp was painted by Ary Scheffer and is seen with a facsimile of the score of 'Ballade Number 2 in F Major'.

The video shows Ivo Pogorelich playing "Ballade Number 2" at the X. International Chopin Contest in 1980.

   Italy 17.2.2009

In 1959, the song "Tintarella Di Luna" (Text: Franco Migliacci / Music: Bruno De Filippi) was one of the first great hits for the Italian singer Mina (Mina Anna Mazzini / * 25.3.1940).

   USA 16.7.2008

The American stamp is part of the series Vintage Black Cinema. It shows a poster for the film "Caldonia". This is a short film (18 minutes) with the American singer, saxophone player and band leader Louis Thomas Jordan (1908-1975) and his no. 1 hit "Caldonia Boogie" from the year 1945. The film can be seen as a precursor of today's music videos. The poster shown on the stamp plays with the name of the musician by linking it to another successful film from the year 1945: The title "Here Comes Mr. Jordan" is chaged to "Here Comes Mr. Louis Jordan".

The video shows an excerpt of the short film "Caldonia" with Louis Jordan and his band.

   Belgium 15.10.2007

The American composer Leroy Anderson (1908-1975) mainly wrote light classical music with a special bent for novel orchestral effects and unconventional instruments. In 1950 he wrote a piece called "The Typewriter" - indeed scored for typewriter and orchestra. The typewriter on the stamp is said to be an Olympia model from around that very time, so it could well be that the designer knew about this music.

The video is a scene from the film "Who's Minding The Store" with Jerry Lewis and Leroy Anderson's music.

   Germany 5.11.1991

Mozart's opera "The Magic Flute" is one of the most popular music works shown on stamps.

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